Shaker Mass Update

I’m almost finished with my new Mass setting inspired by Shaker chants and spirituals.
Few noteworthy things:

2 thoughts on “Shaker Mass Update

  1. hi Adam: never knew of your blog until seeing it referenced in Pray Tell; have long enjoyed and agreed with most commentary you make in other liturgy blogs. I’m posting here rather than PT because I’d rather not be thought of as piggybacking on a reference to my music – just wanted to
    communicate a little more privately that I’d be flattered if you’d take a look at my just-released Introits project for GIA (link is too long to type via iPhone; just Google GIA, Macek, Enter In). The CD is downloadable as mp3s; they might have free listen samples, not sure…or if you want to give me a snail address, I’ll be happy to send you one of my remaining comp copies, gratis, while they last. We approach vernacular Propers in a Taize-like fashion (all in the liner notes!); assembly ownership of these texts was an absolute cornerstone for these efforts. I am genuinely curious to know how someone with similar thoughts on vernacular music and language for the Propers reacts…blessings to you, and I apologize for latching on to a specific detail on which to expend so much commentary…your manifesto is positively stuffed with food for thought and feedback. Ken In Atlanta

  2. Hello Mr Wood.
    All my comments have been removed from “pray tell”. Seems the liberals cannot stand dissention, except if its their own of course.
    Anyhow the bit of scripture I refer to is; First Corinthians 11-27.
    Thanks. Kenny Purdie.

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