Hymn for the First Sunday of Lent

There are simply not enough songs for the First Sunday of Lent (Year C). Humbly, then, I offer you this new hymn text, inspired by the lectionary passages of that Sunday.

God of Those Who Came Before Us

God of those who came before us
God who hears our every plea:
We rejoice in Your great justice,
You have set the captives free.
You have called us out of bondage
to the grace of Promised Land;
We returned this song of blessing
for the wonders of your hand.

You are with us, You are near us,
On our lips and in our soul.
Through Christ Jesus You have saved us
sanctified us, made us whole.
We believe the ancient stories
and in faith cry out Your name,
Now Your grace and loving kindness
purify our guilt and shame.

Though we see Your daily wonders
and believe in You for years,
We are tempted, we are tested
in the desert of our fears.
Give us courage, give us wisdom,
Keep us faithful, keep us true,
Fill us with Your Holy Spirit
make us more at one with You.

Creative Commons License

The text is in the meter 8787D, which means it can be sung to several popular hymn-tunes like NETTLETON (Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing) and HYFRYDOL (Alleluia, Sing to Jesus). It’s one of the most common Hymn Meters- my copy of RitualSong lists 17 tunes with that meter.

Please note that this text is FREE for church use. You may use it, alter it, create derivative works from it, or otherwise pretty much do anything you want with it as long as you:

  • Make clear attribution to me, so everyone knows I wrote it.
  • Release anything you create under a similar license, so other people can do to your work what you have done to mine
  • Are not a for-profit business or an individual attempting to profit from using my work.

Bottom line on the copyright thing: if you’re a church, and you like the text, go ahead and use it, and print my name under it in your program.

And you don’t explicitly have to, but I’d love it if you came back here and wrote a comment about what you did with it.

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